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There's a spark inside of you.  Ignite it and let it shine!

Welcome to SPARK!  We can't wait to meet you!

If you are  a woman who has been impacted by a cancer diagnosis (either as someone diagnosed, or as a loved one who has fought alongside a friend or family member), SPARK has been designed for YOU!  We offer a series of strategic identity and self-esteem building workshops.  Do your best to attend all of the workshops to get the most out of this empowering group experience.

Each workshop is intended to provide skills, information and support to help participants process the pain of a traumatic illness and to use it as a platform to set new life goals and find a renewed sense of purpose.

Review the schedule below and click register to select the sessions you want to attend.  These workshops, including all supplies, are being gifted to you.  All we ask, in return, is that if you select that you ARE attending, that you keep to that commitment.  This is crucial for our instructor.  SPACE IS LIMITED, so register today!  Feel free to share this sign up page with a friend or loved one!  

Message from SPARK Program Director, Deborah Tonguis

You Night Executive Team Leader,  and graduate of the St. Tammany Class of 2017

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