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Start a You Night Sisterhood Chapter in Your City


Research shows that women who are involved in socially active support groups have better health outcomes. Social ties influence health behavior, and may influence health habits that in turn affect physical health and mortality.  Mental health is a pivotal mechanism that shapes physical health.  

We need others!

A network of support has incredible benefits.  It allows you to be surrounded by other strong women who "get it".  It allows you to share insights and information.  It allows you to grow together -- challenging each other to be better and stronger.  It provides a safe place to land when days are tough, while creating opportunities to share the positives!  In the You Night sisterhood, you are stronger!

Our program helps you see the positive

We love this saying:  "The words you speak and the thoughts you have become the house you live in."  Our programs and coaches encourage participants to explore feelings that can be transformed into positive action.    We incorporate fun and artistic ways of doing this, where participants are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones.  Trying new things -- with others who are doing the same -- has remarkable results!

Start a movement...a force to be reckoned with!

When a woman becomes empowered, she can empower other.  With so many people impacted by cancer, the You Night sisters act as encouragers to others who are suffering.  You Night sisters become an integral part of the cancer care community.  "Love one another" is what we do!  Empower one, impact many!

A platform of empowerment

You Night can bring the Runway curriculum to your city.  We have You Night Lite (a version for cities who don't have the financial infrastructure of major sponsors); or Signature You Night (best in larger cities).    The You Night program becomes a treasured annual event, where friends, family members, doctors and nurses gather to celebrate the incredible women on stage, who transform with our six-month empowerment training program.  We do all the heavy lifting!  We just need a local volunteer committee to handle some of the local details.  Contact us for more info

Start with a ScART event

The easiest way to start a You Night sisterhood in your city is to start with a ScART event.  

ScART brings women together who paint their surgery (or emotional) scars on canvas in a group setting.  The event encourages camaraderie and sharing -- something that some women are not comfortable with (but it's so important for healing!)

Contact our team and we will help you get this rolling!  

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