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Pictured here:  Family members see You Night role model Eileen Long on stage at You Night New Orleans 2017

You Night's family caregiver programs

You Night recognizes that when a woman is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family is deeply impacted.  Our organization is dedicated to understanding the "big picture" of what women are going through because of cancer, including stressors in their home life. Our team is actively working to develop programs that address the needs of the entire family. 


Studies document that spouses are as distressed as cancer patients and that spousal and patient distress are correlated. Three major areas of caregiver concern are: fear of cancer and its spread, helping patients deal with the emotional ramifications of the disease, and managing the disruptions caused by cancer.  (The Crisis of Cancer:  Psychological Impact on Family Caregivers,

Two programs that are currently in development are:

  • KNIGHTS:  Male Caregiver Program 

  • LOVE ALWAYS, MOM:  A program dedicated to family members whose moms are sick

If you are a professional who would like to be involved with these survivorship programs, please contact us.  Please mention in the comments which program you are interested in helping with and how you can help.


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