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There are many ways to get involved with You Night programs!  Whether you are a corporate sponsor who is looking for ways to engage with members of our community, or you want to offer services, time or talent...we'd love you to join the You Night family!  Click the image below for more information!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  We look forward to working with you!  QUESTIONS?  Please contact us


Sponsorship helps make our year-round programs possible.  Our sponsors not only receive an incredible ERI (Emotional Return on Investment), but as a program known for addressing survivorship issues, we can help your organization engage with our audience.  Click here to learn more.



What better gift to give a woman than restoring her confidence.  We love the many talented hair and make-up stylists in our communities who rally around our participants.  The gift you give for the day is captured on videos and photos that are treasured for a lifetime.  Thank you so much!  To get involved, click here



Members of our community volunteer for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps its because the subject is near and dear to your heart, or maybe you have organizational skills, leadership skills, sales skills or people skills.  With year-round programs, we have many committees and task forces where volunteers play a key role.  If you would like to be part of the You Night family of volunteers, please contact us



We are way more than a runway show!  Our team is constantly adding new, creative experiences to our program's curriculum.  Have you been blessed with an artistic skills?  Costuming, videography, musician, photography, choreography?  We'd love to collaborate with you to help make our participants shine like the stars they are!  Please reach out to us

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Our boutiques are far more than fashion providers.  We team up with loving and caring owners and their team members to help our participants feel more beautiful, more powerful, more confident, and more courageous!  You are an instrument of helping women step outside of their comfort zones by putting on incredible outfits that help them see themselves in a new light.    To get involved, click here



You Night has been named "Most Glam Event" by St Charles Avenue Magazine, and the Northshore's "Favorite Charity Event" by Edge of the Lake Magazine.  Our events bring hundreds of loving friends, family and business leaders to our celebrations and we couldn't have a successful event without your support.  We will sing your praises on social media, and we have tons of on-site marketing benefits.  Click here for more info, and thank you!

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