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You Night offers empowering group experiences that are alternatives to traditional cancer survivor support groups

In 2013, we started an organization in New Orleans, LA, with the mission of helping women embrace life beyond cancer. We do this by providing alternatives to traditional support groups through empowering experiences that help women move forward in their self-reflection and journeys. After working with hundreds of women from every walk of life, we found that a beautiful, consistent message kept surfacing: women are stronger when they are surrounded by other women who have experienced similar journeys. They also are stronger when the community rallies behind them to provide healthy tools for better living.

Our Mission

We help women embrace life beyond cancer.

You Night is a sisterhood of support for women who have had or are currently battling any type of cancer. We offer unique year-round programs that are alternatives to traditional cancer survivor support groups. Our method behind our programs is to bring groups of women together to experience empowering activities that allow them to see themselves differently. The bond that is created along the way not only allows for fun and life-changing experiences, but results in lifelong friendships that will endure well past the program experience.

We partner with area health care providers who refer their patients into our programs. Programs are made possible through sponsorship to You Night Events, LLC, and through charitable donations to our WE LIFT YOU UP fund -- a public charity whose mission is to help women embrace life beyond cancer (EIN 82-4444545). 

Women do not have to go through this journey alone. 

In the You Night sisterhood, the participants "get it".

"You Night helped my out of a deep hole I never knew existed. We had a limited amount of meetings and we had the retreat that really impacted me in a huge way. I had never gone anywhere without one of my family members so I was a little lost. The positive energy from the alumnae gave me feelings again. Thats an extension of the You Night Sisters that I loved the most about, the alumnae are here for you no matters what. The alumnae showed me kindness and compassion. There is so much love amongst all the sisters. I have to say that You Night have given me something to look forward to. It have made me feel beautiful again. You Night has taught me that strangers can family in an instant. My eyes has never seen such generosity coming from the local businesses. This is huge to know that the local people care so much as to sponsor and give in so many ways. We do not have to be blood, we just have to be kind and loving."


Z Ordone, You Night St Tammany Class of 2017

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Your support helps us grow our programs to help more women!


A Pay it Forward

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