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Our sponsors give women wings to fly!

Sponsoring You Night's year-round programs are a win - win - win!

WIN #1

A win for our participants

Sponsors receive an emotional return on their investment. You won't have to guess where your sponsorship dollars are going!  Our year-round programs are making a huge difference with proven results!  You will witness the transformation of women in our community -- made possible because of your support!

WIN #2

A win for our sponsors

Aside from all of the event perks and marketing exposure that our sponsors receive, our sponsors have the opportunity to engage year-round by sharing our inspiring content which delivers huge audiences.  Share our content to your own social media feeds to become a recognized expert in the subject of cancer survivorship support.

WIN #3

A win for our program

Whether you are supporting us as a sponsor for your own marketing objectives, or you are donating to our non-profit fund (WE LIFT YOU UP EIN #82-4444545), you are helping us sustain and grow programs that help women embrace life beyond cancer.  We are growing our program by leaps and bounds because of people in our community like you.  Thank you.

Speaking opportunities

You Night's signature runway events have 700 - 900 guests in the audience, as well as a huge social media reach.  Additionally, we have year-round opportunities for you to engage with our sisterhood (which has over 300 members), such as our annual retreat and dozens of events we hold throughout the year.   WATCH THIS VIDEO OF DR. CHRIS TRAHAN SPEAKING AT YOU NIGHT:

Creative marketing opportunities

Our team will work with your team to come up with fun and impactful marketing ideas that give your brand visibility.  More importantly, we believe in bringing your brand to life by engaging YOU (yes you!) directly with our organization.  We have witnessed how powerful it is for you to get to know our participants at rehearsals, or at any of our year-round activities to that they see you as more than just a logo.  Personal interactions develop relationships.  Relationships lead to buying decisions.  Our sponsors truly become part of the You Night family.

Sponsors have VIP event perks!

Our team goes out of our way to make our events unforgettable.  As VIP guests, our sponsors are treated to incredible event perks, such as:

  • Swanky seating near the runway stage, with table service (food and beverage host assigned to you)

  • VIP Lounge with full bar and food service stations

  • VIP Parking and/or Valet Services

  • Lots of on-site visibility with your logo seen over and over on multiple screens, plus your ad in our beautiful runway magazine that is give to our guests.

  • Fun at-event marketing opportunities based on the level of sponsorship you select.

Find out why St. Charles Avenue Magazine named You Night New Orleans, "Most Glam Event".  The Edge of the Lake Magazine readers named You Night the Northshore's favorite charity event. 

We're in the news -- a lot!

When you watch the Olympics, you are cheering for the athletes when they cross the finish line because you know their backstories. You Night events provoke similar responses, and as a result of the sheer beauty and power of the participants' stories, news outlets love to cover the good news of what we are accomplishing to make our community a better place for women who have had cancer.  When we are in the news, our sponsors are in the news!  


Partnering with the medical community.

We offer emotional support through empowering group experiences to women who have had or are currently battling cancer.  We partner with hospitals and physicians to offer community-centered self-care programs that create a sisterhood of support, and dozens of programs that help women live their best lives after a cancer diagnosis.   Best of all -- at our events -- doctors and nurses are in the audience celebrating with their patients on stage -- showcasing the good work that is being done in our communities to help women live longer and live stronger.

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