St Tammany Class of 2015

Theme:  "Fight Club"  Celebrated in October 2015 at the Castine Center in Mandeville, LA.  

Mary Kraft
Deidra Langridge
Sherry Martinez
Anne Marie Lamont
Elise Angelette
Yvonne Saux
Stephanie Ferrante
Stephanie Broussard
Sharon Hassinger
Renee Thomason
Randi Mary
Patti Muller
Michelle Dennis
Melissa Kellum
Lori Lorentz
Lane Perez
Lacey Taledano
Jenni O'Neill
Cheryl Klein
David Mancuso
Beth Cuadrado
Charles Stansbury
Yvonne Saux
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St Tammany Class of 2018 Video Collection

Article featuring members of the "Fight Club"



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