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  • Q: What if I am completely out of my comfort zone to walk the runway?
    Notice how we put this question first? It's the most asked question we get from almost EVERY SINGLE participant who applies to be in our program. If you want to grow, you need give yourself permission to be stretched! Most of our participants are just like you! But take it in baby steps! Let us assure you that our team of compassionate and professional coaches will work with you every step of the way, because you will be surrounded with a group of ladies who feel the same way you do! By experiencing this together, and encouraging each other, you will find -- that by the time you finish walking the runway -- the change that occurs by just stepping out in faith IN YOURSELF will be incredible!
  • Cancer has MESSED ME UP PHYSICALLY! I don't feel confident or pretty enough to be in photos or on that stage!
    Our program has had women who have experienced many adverse effects due to cancer (physical changes that have left them feeling "less than worthy" of being on that stage). We know this has been hard for you and, like many of our participants, we have had to work closely with them to overcome the fears associated with the outward physical changes they are ashamed of. We help each participant try to rediscover their inner beauty -- the part of you that shines brighter than any fancy gown, hair or make up. Our audience sees what is INSIDE OF YOU and we want to help you rediscover that and live life to the fullest. You will join an incredible sisterhood who has experienced the same highs and lows as you, and that is what you will take away from this after you empower yourself to step out of your comfort zone...
  • Q: I'm concerned about the time commitment. 6 months?
    Although 6 months sounds like a huge commitment, we really are only asking our participants to get together about 12 times during those 6 months. We have an incredible curriculum that allows you to mentally prepare for the Runway Show and Celebration, but provides you with so many incredible activities along the way that you will treasure forever. Our models will tell us that they wish there were MORE meetings and more activities and that, once the training is over, they miss the regular get-togethers. Do this for yourself! Try something new! Step out of your comfort zone.
  • Q: I really can't get on that stage, but want to get involved. Can I?"
    Yes! We have a private Facebook chat group for women -- just like you -- who have been effected by cancer, and we'd love you to join the discussion and sense to the power and strength that comes from our You Night ladies who are eager to support you, answer questions, and share advice. Plus, we have all sorts of on-going activities that you can join us at. Just write to us, introduce yourself, and let us know how you want to get involved (committee members welcome, too!)
  • Q: Do I have to be physically fit to be in the Runway Training Program, or the Runway Show and Celebration?"
    Yes, you will need to be able to attend and participate in the runway show practices and the runway show. If you have any problem walking up and down stairs, or are concerned that you would not be able to physically walk up and down a 72' long runway, we advise that you consider getting involved with our program but in a different way that the runway show.
  • Q: How do you select your participants?
    Participants must reside in the city where the You Night Runway Show and Celebration takes place, and must agree to attend the mandatory activities that are hosted for the models over the 6 month period of time. Participants, in their applications, should tell us why the You Night program is something they are needing in their lives, and what they hope the program will accomplish for them personally and for the community and other cancer survivors.
  • Q: Why do you limit the number of models on stage to 24?
    24 is the magic number we had at our first event in 2013, and we have kept that number ever since. It is a workable number for us to manage salon and boutique appointments, rehearsals, choreography and backstage requirements. Above and beyond the 24, we have all sorts of other group activities -- so no matter what -- sign up if you want to be involved and as our program grows, we will find ways to impact a larger number of women!
  • Q: Can men or children sign up to be a model in You Night?
    At this time, our program is offered only to women cancer survivors -- any cancer type. But men are encouraged to get involved as part of our team, so please write us!
  • Q: Is You Night a fundraiser? Where does the money go that is raised?
    You Night is a program fully supported by sponsorship and donations to the WE LIFT YOU UP fund -- a 501c3 public charity whose mission is to help women embrace life beyond cancer. We offer year-round empowering programs that are alternatives to traditional cancer survivor support group. For our runway program, each model is gifted the You Night program experience, which is valued at $5,000 per model. The value, per model, includes: Professional Runway Training, Professional Photography Portraits and Posing Training; All sisterhood activities during the training, hundreds of photos and videos, Professional Hair and Make-Up Styling, the Runway Show Experience and the post-show Video Viewing Party. Participants will also enter into a lifelong sisterhood of previous You Night participants that will provide ongoing support and friendship.
  • Q: If I'm not a model but I want to get involved as a sponsor or donor, what should I do? What if I want to bring You Night programs to another city?"
    Please call us at 877-591-5936 x3 and we will answer any questions you might have!
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