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ReFRAME 2021 into a great year!

Join us for this incredible virtual event & group painting experience with

5 incredible speakers that will be joining us to help you ReFRAME your current perspective about life and all that you have been through. 

Embrace the New Year with a New Perspective

Let's face it, we are all going a bit stir crazy, right?


And after the journey you have been through, on top of a nationwide lock-down, we could all use a fresh outlook on the year ahead.  


Girl, we feel your boredom and understand your fears, disappointments and frustrations and that's why we created this virtual event.  


ReFRAME is designed to ignite and charge your soul batteries while learning the practical tools to keep that spark going throughout 2021. 


 ReFRAME will unleash your creative juices through a ScArt™ painting exercise with supplies we ship to your home.  


ReFRAME has brought in experts dedicated to your emotional well being who will inspire you with a fresh perspective on your life.  


Finally, ReFRAME gathers together your fellow sisters from all around the world in the name of self care, love and support. 


You Night is an alternative to traditional support groups.  We offer various programs that teach cancer survivors how to overcome the physical and psychological challenges of cancer treatment through teamwork, coaching, and strong interpersonal support from a network of other survivors.

The program prepares women for life after any type of cancer by re-building self esteem, and gaining appreciation for their own bodies, and a joy for living – all through structured group experiences.  There are many ways that women who have had cancer can join this powerful sisterhood. 

We help women find their strength, purpose and passion so that they can pay it forward to others.

We rise by lifting others.

According to a new study, cancer survivors with good social support networks seem to live longer and have a lower risk of their cancer returning.​  Women with few social connections had a 43 percent higher risk of cancer returning, compared to well-connected women, the researchers found.  (link to study)


"Women who are involved in socially active support groups have better health outcomes"

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Your support empowers women in our community to rise above their cancer diagnosis so that they can pay it forward to help others who have cancer.

We help women embrace life beyond cancer.  All programs are made possible through event sponsorships and donations to the WE LIFT YOU UP Fund.

Email: teamyounight@gmail.com

Phone: 877-591-5936 x3

Registered Charity: 82-4444545

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