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You Night is an alternative to traditional support groups.  We offer various programs that teach cancer survivors how to overcome the physical and psychological challenges of cancer treatment through teamwork, coaching, and strong interpersonal support from a network of other survivors.

The program prepares women for life after any type of cancer by re-building self esteem, and gaining appreciation for their own bodies, and a joy for living – all through structured group experiences.  There are many ways that women who have had cancer can join this powerful sisterhood. 

We help women find their strength, purpose and passion so that they can pay it forward to others.

We rise by lifting others.

According to a new study, cancer survivors with good social support networks seem to live longer and have a lower risk of their cancer returning.​  Women with few social connections had a 43 percent higher risk of cancer returning, compared to well-connected women, the researchers found.  (link to study)


"Women who are involved in socially active support groups have better health outcomes"

Find a sisterhood of support and a path forward after a cancer diagnosis.

The group experience will include a six-month commitment to these therapeutic activities:

Candle Pass

ScART (Scar Art) Painting Experience

7 Weeks Online Story Crafting

Photoshoot / Makeover

Videoshoot (your story recorded)

You Night 2024 Celebration

If you would like to be on our mailing list to receive updates about when the applications are going "live", please submit this link:

We offer a variety of programs to help women find a path forward after a cancer diagnosis.  If you are looking for a sisterhood of support, therapeutic activities or you want to get involved as a volunteer, please fill out this form so that we can send you updates when our 2023 calendar and programs are ready to be announced. 

The videos below showcase the programs we offer:

SPARK:  Free workshops held in St. Tammany and New Orleans
ScART (Scar Art Group Painting Experience).
Paint emotional or surgical scars on canvas to see scars from a new perspective.
Runway Empowerment Program
A 9 month program filled with all of You Night's signature activities, including ScART, Story Crafting and Runway Training.  The program culminates at our annual gala -- our Runway show and Celebration. Follow us on social media for program updates and ticket information.
You Night's Story Crafting Program
A 7 week small group program that crafts empowering stories from survivor experiences..  Catherine's story (example here) is one of hundreds of stories we have helped cultivate through this program. 
To hear more, visit our YouTube Channel and click on the Story Crafting Playlist:

Or, visit our Facebook page to read stories:
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Thank you to everyone who helped us break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the most models in a runway show.  430 models participated beating the old record of 421 models (held by a modeling agency in Spain).  Our goal was to use our empowering platform to raise awareness about all the cancers women get diagnosed with, and to share information for resources and support.  The models walked in 19 different "collections", wearing the ribbon awareness color for 19 different women's cancers. 

Below is an aerial highlight of the event.

Be sure to view our video library to see the highlights!

Join Us

Your support empowers women in our community to rise above their cancer diagnosis so that they can pay it forward to help others who have cancer.

Meet You Night Founder Lisa McKenzie, 

Astella's Oncology 2020 c3Prize winner and Creator of You Night's new Story Healing Experience.  

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